Too Little, Too Late for Sochi’s Dogs


Correction appended: Feb. 4, 2014, 11:50 p.m. E.T.

Kelly O’Meara, director of companion animals and engagement for Humane Society International, was “very surprised” when she heard that Sochi officials planned to kill stray dogs roaming around the Olympic host region throughout the Games. Just last April, organizers scrapped that idea, and said they would build a shelter for the animals. Now, city officials have hired a private company to do the dirty work — its owner told ABC News that the dogs posed a public-safety and health risk and that they were “biological trash.”

“They’ve very publicly gone back on their word,” O’Meara says.

But what else, at this point, can Sochi do? To be fair, organizers face a predicament. They’ve spent more than $50 billion on the Olympics, the highest tab ever for the event (although well-publicized allegations of corruption could have driven up the cost). For that price…

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